Hey ladies, let’s set sail together!


Picture this: women teaching women to conquer the waves and master the art of sailing. It’s all about empowerment and camaraderie on our exclusive women-only sailing retreat in the breathtaking islands.

Sails & Grace is dedicated to empowering women to fulfill their sailing aspirations.

Ahoy there!

When it comes to sailing, I’ve got your back every step of the way. Whether it’s linking you up with the perfect mentor or voyage or providing hands-on guidance myself, consider me your trusted companion on your sailing journey.

I understand just how crucial my role is in your adventure, and I’m committed to giving you all the support you need. From patience and compassion to structured guidance, I’ll be there to lend a hand and share my experience with you.

Now, let me tell you a bit about my approach to life, shaped by the guiding principles of S.A.I.L. These principles have been ingrained in me since my earliest days:

S – Stewardship: It’s all about taking care of what’s entrusted to us, ensuring we leave behind a better world than we found.

A – Accountability: We own up to our actions and take responsibility for the consequences, holding ourselves to high standards.

I – Integrity: Honesty and authenticity are non-negotiables. We build trust through our actions and stay true to our values.

L – Leadership: With humility and purpose, we lead by example, inspiring others to join us on the journey towards shared goals and aspirations.

So, let’s set sail together, guided by these principles and fueled by our shared passion for the sea. Smooth sailing awaits us!

Join a Women-Only Instructional Retreat

Let the crystal blue water of the Caribbean teach you. Join an intimate group of fellow female sailors for a week-long instructional sailing adventure in the islands.

One-on-One Instruction/Assessment

Build your sailing confidence in a safe space. You are not alone!  Regardless of where you are in your sailing journey, you can achieve your goals. 

Charter Your Own Yacht

Ready to take your own sailing charter? I’d love to help you design your dream sailing charter trip and find the perfect boat.

Work with a female
Bareboat Charter Master,
Level V Instructor.

Emily was an awesome instructor! Over my 3 days spent with her I feel that my skills and abilities increased dramatically. Moreover, I feel my confidence grew! Emily created a comfortable, safe environment for learning where I was able to safely grow. I would highly recommend Emily for anyone learning to sail or up their abilities!

Morgan M

Private Instruction

Emily was great from getting the charter organized to ensuring we had opportunities to practice, improve, and hone our skills during the week. Feedback was clear, consistent, fair, and directive with suggestions and examples given for demonstrating desired skills in subsequent days/exercises. I would highly recommend NauticEd instruction to anyone truly interested in advancing in the sport and accelerating learning.

Jackie B

Private Instruction, British Virgin Islands