NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Online Course Bundle




Discover the freedom and adventure of bareboat chartering and near-coastal sailing

You can master the knowledge and skills needed for bareboat charter sailing vacations and multiday near-coastal sailing with the Bareboat Charter Master’s comprehensive bundle of 6 online courses. Optional Bareboat Certification and the SLC International Sailing License (recognized by port authorities worldwide) are available when you meet the experience and assessment requirements. Plus, get free access to Electronic NavigationBasic Sail Trim, and Navigation Rules courses, and start preparing to discover the freedom of near-coastal sailing and bareboat charters!

Estimated Time (all courses combined): 53 hours


  • There is no time limit to complete the sailing lessons
  • You can review the sailing lessons as many times as you like
  • You can make as many attempts as needed to pass the tests


Introducing the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle – Your Ultimate Multiday, Near Coastal, and Bareboat Chartering Sailing Course Bundle!

Are you ready to embark on unforgettable multiday and near-coastal sailing adventures? Whether you dream of chartering a sailboat for an exotic vacation or desire to set sail on your boat for extended sails, NauticEd’s Bareboat Charter Master is your ticket to sailing competence and mastery.

A Bareboat Charter Master excels in all essential near-coastal and multiday sailing roles – from skipper and sail trimmer to navigator, engineer, electrician, plumber, and even chef – confidently leading the crew with knowledge, experience, and expertise. You’re not only a “jack of all trades”, but the “MASTER jack of all trades” on a sailboat!

Our comprehensive Bareboat 6 online sailing courses bundle is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential theory and knowledge required for multiday and near-coastal sailing. With this bundle, you’ll gain the theory and knowledge expertise in a wide range of critical sailing aspects, including:

  • Bareboat Chartering: Learn how to successfully bareboat charter anywhere in the world.
  • Large Keelboats: Explore the anatomy of large keelboats, understanding the components, rigging, and systems that make these vessels unique. Gain insights into maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Sail Theory: The fundamental principles of sailing, including wind dynamics and sailboat physics. Understand how to harness the power of the wind and the physics of sailboat design to propel your vessel efficiently and effectively.
  • Sailing Terminology & Communication: The language of unique terms used by sailors, which is essential for clear communication on a sailboat.
  • Sailing Maneuvers & Techniques: Build your confidence by learning the various sailing maneuvers, from tacking and gybing to heaving to and more! Hone your sailing techniques to harness the wind’s power effectively and sail with precision while safely helming the sailboat with confident control.
  • Sail Trim: Discover the art of reading the wind and trimming the sails for optimal performance.
  • Docking and Maneuvering Under Power: Learn the intricacies of docking and maneuvering your sailboat under power, ensuring you can navigate even the trickiest of marinas.
  • Anchoring & Mooring: Learn how to anchor like a pro, including anchoring and mooring techniques for different tides and weather.
  • Essential Knots: Specialized knots to reliably secure lines (ropes) to perform specific tasks in sailing and tame the hundreds of feet of line various lines on a sailboat.
  • Boat Management & Systems: Learn about boat management and systems (engine, electrical, etc…) to ensure your vessel operates flawlessly throughout your journey.
  • Coping with Emergencies: Prioritize safety with modules on safety equipment, procedures, and protocols for different sailing conditions, environments, and crew-overboard emergencies.
  • Coastal Navigation: Navigation is an essential sailing course for all sailors operating in inland and near coastal waters.
  • FREE ADDITION! Electronic Navigation: Harness the power of modern technology with electronic navigation tools and charts. Learn to navigate by GPS, use chart plotters, AIS, and more!
  • International Navigation Rules and Buoys: Learn international navigational markers and USCG rules of the road when sailing or under power. If sailing internationally, understand IALA-A and IALA-B navigation rules and buoy systems.
  • Weather: Develop a keen understanding of weather patterns and forecasts, enabling you to make informed decisions for safe and enjoyable sailing experiences.
  • SLC Examination: The FREE SLC Examination is a knowledge requirement for gaining and renewing the International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC)

With NauticEd’s Bareboat Charter Master Bundle, you’ll be well-prepared to take on the open seas with unforgettable sailing and charter adventures. Whether you’re a novice sailor or an experienced sailor looking to enhance your skills, this bundle is your all-in-one resource for sailing success.

Don’t miss your chance to become a seasoned sailor and experience the thrill of multiday and near-coastal sailing. Join the ranks of confident sailors who have learned the strategies and tactics for safe and enjoyable charters and voyages. Get started with the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle today, and act now to receive Electronic Navigation for FREE!


When you complete the 6 online courses and record 50+ qualified days of your past and ongoing sailing experience in your FREE online sailing logbook (included in your Free-forever NauticEd membership), you’ll automatically earn the prestigious Bareboat Charter Master Rank certification. This internationally recognized sailing certification is accepted by leading charter companies and port authorities around the globe*.

But why stop there? Elevate your training, experience, certification, and sailing resume by opting for verification of competence by a NauticEd-qualified sailing instructor. Our NauticEd instructors are highly trained, experienced, and qualified to instruct and assess in accordance with rigorous USCG American National Standards.


Yacht Charter Companies and Port Authorities agree that if you’ve ever wanted to take a sailing vacation to the Pacific, Mediterranean*, or the Caribbean (or beyond), then the Bareboat Charter Master bundle of courses gives you all the theory knowledge you need. Add an adequate amount of logged experience and you’ll gain the Bareboat Charter Master Rank and Certification – accepted worldwide*. Take it a step further and have your competence verified by a NauticEd American National Standards qualified instructor. Get it right here right now!

*NOTE: For Mediterranean destinations, you are now required to have a government-authorized sailing license as well as an acceptable sailing resume. There are three options for licensure:

  1. The NauticEd SLC. The Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of Courses is a requirement for gaining the SLC (The SLC is fully accepted by all countries requiring a license. For example, in Croatia, the SLC license is listed on the Croatian list of acceptable licenses signed into law by the ministry).
  2. The ICC is authorized by the United Nations under Resolution 40. The ICC is issued by the RYA in the UK. It is NOT issued by any American associations because the USA did not sign the Resolution.
  3. The RYA Day Skipper (and higher. e.g. Yacht Master) is authorized by the UK government.

If you are an experienced sailor, the SLC is the simplest and least expensive licensing process to gain in the world. This Bareboat Charter Master bundle of 6 online courses (+passing the included SLC Test) is a requirement to gain an SLC. Most everything is online except for a 6-hour assessment of your skills and competence on the water. If you are not so experienced, our instructors can get you the competence and confidence you will need – you will still need to log adequate experience in the free NauticEd electronic logbook.